When you hear the word ‘treasure’, you might imagine a locked chest at the bottom of the sea hidden in moss and dirt, waiting for some lucky adventurers to stumble upon it and uncover the bountiful gold and riches inside. To the adventurer, those treasures are the most precious, valuable things they will load into their ship and carry home. In life, we also have things we value above anything else: our treasures.

The treasures in our lives might be given to us freely, but we might also come across them throughout our journey, once upon a fateful day like a wonderful serendipity. If you think about it, every single day we have are treasures too. Day by day pass like precious little pearls on a string, forming a beautiful necklace. Some of those pearls might be imperfect, but they form a lovely necklace nonetheless.

For me, treasures are people and memories. The value they give to my life upgrades it from a plain white bread into a festive birthday cakes with tons of sprinkles and candles topped with a huge scoop of ice cream. My friends and family are the best part of me. They fill my treasure chest to the brim and for that I am grateful.

Some of the most irreplaceable treasures in my life come in the form of memories. That time when I was five years old and I got a puppy as a present, when my best friends and I had a sleepover and talked until dawn broke, or that one day where he held my hand for the first time. All those things are the kind of treasures adventurers can never find even if they explore every inch of ocean’s floor. Those are the kind of treasures more precious than all the riches of the world

Like most things, treasures can get broken too. The people we care about might be torn apart from us, whether by death or mistakes, or just by the passage of time. The good memories we cherish so much might be spoiled by lies and loss, turning them into nightmares we wish to erase forever. Still, those treasures are ours to keep. Yes, the silver pieces might fade and the jewels might break, but they still fill our treasure chest.

One of these days, in between the busy hours of waking reality and peaceful sleep, you might find yourself sifting through the treasures in your treasure chest. Maybe you’ll find a broken piece of memory you have pushed to the darkest corner of your mind. Yes it will sting, but if you confront it with a bit of courage and lots of forgiveness, it won’t hurt as much anymore. Or you could find a friend you no longer talk to because of that fight a long time ago. A little “I’m sorry” and “how are you?” and you might be joking around like no time has passed at all. Your treasures are yours to keep and to take care of, and you know how precious they are.