Congratulations again for your third restaurant Grand Opening at Central Park Mall, Porto Bistreau!

On that sunny Saturday, we came to the restaurant and begin the preparation. We also invited some bloggers to come and join the Grand Opening. Under the Altima Mandiri Group, Porto Bistreau finally launched their third outlet.

First of all, before we tasted their food, we have to admit that the ambience of the restaurant is warm and cozy, yet modern. It delivered a relaxed atmosphere, so if you love to "nongkrong" or stay longer in the restaurant, then Porto Bistreau is the right choice.

Served by Chef Eric Lowell, we had a taste of a very delicious range of food. Our favorites are, Our favorite are Potato Dutch Cheddar, Red Salad, Australian Hakata Steak and Chocolate Lave Cake. The chocolate cake was made with Lindt Chocolate and they melted right when we cut it. All the bloggers took photos of the food before they ate them. The photos taken were beautiful, and if you were there to see the whole process, you would be amazed at how they took those photographs with the utmost love and sincerity. And that's why the results are amazing.

Last but not least, we are glad to be a part of Porto Bistreau Grand Opening.  Thank you again for collaborating with us and for the trust given to us. Finally, we thank each and every one of you who came to the event!