Bajaj and beaches, these things might come up when you’re talking about Sri Lanka. An island set in the Indian Ocean near India, Sri Lanka is home to unspoilt landscapes, beaches, and wildlife. Travelling here, you will find endless beautiful sights and mesmerizing sunsets.


Their commercial capital, Colombo, is like Jakarta in the older days mixed with beaches of Bali. It is Sri Lanka’s biggest and most developed city with a port that ranks among the world’s top 35 ports. The city is a combination of old and new with its colonial-era buildings, museums, street markets of spices and colorful fabrics, modern office buildings, hotels, and art galleries.


With its busy metropolitan area mixed with wonderful beaches, I’d imagine that the daily life of Sri Lankan people would be as simple as eating curry for breakfast, work, then enjoying sunset at the beach. Then on weekends, they would play cricket and fly kites on the beach, go on wilderness adventure to see elephants and other magnificent wildlife, or go on vacation to the neighbouring country, Maldives. What a way to live the days, right?


Exploring the beauty of Sri Lanka, you might find the best sunset of your life here. Marco Polo even described Sri Lanka as world’s finest island of its size. And did you know that Sri Lanka has eight Unesco World Heritage Sites? Yes, alongside their natural wealth, they’re also rich in cultural heritage. You can get around the places with bajaj or what they usually called three-wheeler or tuk-tuk and maybe bring home their famous tea, Dilmah, for your loved ones.