Earlier on the 29th of April, a total of 70 people or so assembled and mingled in Kanekin’s 10th Gatherings. With a variety of backgrounds and passions, the participants were spread across the first floor of B’Fit Community, exchanging handshakes and conversations. The event also involved outside companies, including Duux, Mendekor, as well as Tutelo Jakarta.

After a moment of introductions and interactions, the room’s attention was directed to a talk show. Since a photo competition would be held in due course, the two founders of Kanekin –  Felix Pradipta and Joshua Sudiman – shared their tips and experiences on the field of photography. The three contestants who successfully portrayed Duux’s products would receive prizes from the establishment, which is why the brand’s spokesperson was also invited to present information on their goods to the audience. The participants were then branched off into four teams, sent out to snap pictures in different locations.

Throughout the time of the event, people were not only occupied with getting good angles. It was also a good moment to combine ideas, talents, and to engage in more dialogues with one another. Oh, the participants also utilized this chance to get more followers and photography references on Instagram!

As promised in the beginning, three winners were selected and rewarded with Duux products to freshen up their homes with pleasant aromas and vigor. Rigorous considerations were taken due to the many great submissions, and the judges finally decided that Dedy Casanova, Cindy Octaviany, and Reynaldo Pratama’s pictures were the three best.

Although the competition was a big highlight of the event, the gathering would not have been complete without Tutelo’s delicious snack contributions, Mendekor’s furniture layouts, and the most important aspect of all: our beloved participants!

We hope the togetherness we’ve all formed is something not only worth remembering, but also worth treasuring. You are a significant piece of this picture we’ve created together – and for that, we would like to thank you for coming. Here’s to more meet ups, friends, fun times, and the next Kanekin Gatherings!