You walk on stage and then you shine
You speak one word and then they cheer
You move one inch and then they swoon

You see yourself and then you smile
I see you wave and laugh and dance
You’re perfect

I see myself yet it’s different
I see myself yet it’s not you
Lacking in beauty, lacking in charms

I want to be like you
To walk and then they swoon
To talk and then they cheer

My insecurities are undoings
And yet here I am staring into you
Staring into a screen

Here I am, entrapped by a screen
A screen showing your beauty
A screen with my un-beauty

Screens— what a funny name
How they trap and trick me
How they hold and bind me

Screens— things that made me
Know you, yet still
You won’t know who I am

Screens— things supposed to connect us
Yet why do we still
feel lonely when we stare

Into the screen— the thing supposed
To heal our wounds, the thing supposed
To make us one. These

Screens— the things that breeds
Jealousy, like mine to you, the thing that makes
Insecurities shine brighter than confidence

Perhaps this screen is my enemy
Perhaps it breeds my jealousy
Perhaps it’s my insecurity

But who knows?
Screens trick me constantly
They scream— yet still
I listen unwillingly