Air pollution isn’t merely a problem you experience when you’re outdoors. Despite the absence of roaring street transportations, there are less obvious ways for the air to be contaminated indoors, such as through moldy areas and organic gasses from permanent markers or cleaning supplies. Just like the sources, the consequences of being exposed to unhealthy air also vary. They begin from milder ones like eye irritation, headaches, and even to the extent of long-term health complications, depending on how serious the problem is and other matters that include one’s physical condition.

We spend a great deal of our time inside. Be it a worker, student, or resident lounging around in their living room, most people are generally too engrossed with affairs that do not include maintaining a good indoor air condition. Fortunately for us, however, there are companies that do make the quality of what our lungs inhale their concern; Duux Indonesia is one of them.

To accommodate with our personal preferences and needs, Duux’s products come in different varieties – one’s even shaped as inspired by sunflower!

It is Duux Solair that purposes as an air purifier. Despite the room it takes up, the item is labeled “a unique piece of effective art” on Duux’s site – and for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Solair is beautifuly light up your the room by millions colors on the rotary palette and capable of providing a 360 air flow for rooms up to 40 meters square. The air within the proximity is filtered by three layers, each to capture and omit specific substances deemed harmful or contributing to the air’s bad state.  

For those who favor smaller items, the Sphere, OVI, and TAG can be put into consideration. Although they cover less space, their functions can still cover an entire room of a certain – definitely humane – size. 

The OVI is an evaporative humidifier which comes with an air inlet, fan, water tank, aroma tray (yup, it can emit more than warm air), filter, and an air outlet. OVI releases unseen mist and works complete with a filter in their water tank to removes any particles of dust. Its other functions include an interval mode, a timer with an auto shutdown, an aroma tray, nightlight, and a warning when water levels in the appliance is low.

Unlike the OVI, as a ultrasonic humidifier Duux’s TAG create cold mist within just one second by utilizing an ultrasonic technology. The cold mist to reduce the negative sensation of stinging eyes and fatigue; it’s also believed to heals flu, allergy and asthma. There are a couple of parts differing from the OVI’s, and here’s another interesting fact – it can go TEN hours without needing a refill.

If these products appeal to you, a more thorough description of the devices can be found on the sources mentioned below. In conclusion, though, each and every one of these gadgets are ready to provide you with better air while minding beauty and sanitation simultaneously; just as promised in their catchphrase. Duux designed for better air!