We walk casually past Victoria’s Secret shop and see their models on a television or a poster. Unconsciously we have set those images as the ideal shape of a woman. Girls look at themselves in the mirror, then they take a look at the models, and they start comparing themselves, asking themselves why they’re not as perfect as those stars.

This is a false image, a false adoration, and an implausible comparison.

How are the girls of our generation supposed to feel good and confident about themselves if they keep on feeding on these images? The images that are constantly telling them that they’re not good enough. The very same role models they have unconsciously accepted and compared to themselves endlessly. They will never find peace, they will never find self-confidence.

Girls, let me tell you this. You do not need to be models to be accepted. You don’t need to undergo harsh diet regimes to be attractive, and you surely don’t need to be like them to be beautiful. Your beauty is not what is reflected in the mirrors. It isn’t determined by whether or not you are a model. Kahlil Gibran once said: “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

No matter how “hot” or attractive you are, they mean nothing if it’s merely a cover for a wretched heart. This goes for everyone; not only is beauty merely a facade, it is temporary.

I’d like to compare beauty to flowers. For a flower to grow and blossom, you need to expose it to the sun and the water, you need to give it love and care. It is the same with your beauty. You have to start loving yourself for your it to bloom. You have to expose it to the world and not cover it with the shades of insecurities.

You’re beautiful. Start realizing that!