Nothing beats a beautiful work of literature. It ceases not to fascinate me, how words on paper are able to influence your feelings. Sometimes reading a wonderful text from someone can light up your day, or perhaps the opposite, ruin it. But how do we, writers, do this? Not many people know the secret and not many people are even aware of it. I’ll let you in on it.

Let’s start with the basics. And I mean, the absolute basics; if a book consists of paragraphs, paragraphs consist of sentences, and sentences consist of words, then we have to start there, with words. How do you cook a wonderful meal without using great ingredients? You can’t! To create an intricately beautiful sentence, you need the right words. So, start reading books, start expanding your vocabulary. Without them (the absolute basic ingredients), you’ll never be able to write well, if not, at all.

 Secondly, speak it. Before you start writing complex works of art, you might want to be able to speak the language. It doesn’t matter if your grammar isn’t good yet, you just have to keep doing it until it is. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. This takes time, you have to live the English language; it has to be in everything that you do. Watch movies without the subtitle, read classic books or the newspaper, your grammar will undoubtedly grow.

Finally, you’ve got to love it. What are efforts without love, if not merely in vain? Everything that you do with love, will eventually blossom. Learning will start you off on your journey. Living it will bring you one step closer, while loving it is the final step that ensures your success.

Learn the basics, live the language, love the beauty of all of it.