Bermvda café started off just May last year, bringing various partnerships and friends together into this one venture. The place itself originally belongs to Soemario, one of the founders, who used it as a studio for pre-wedding photography. The moment it hit him, that he wanted to start focusing on product photography, featuring mainly food, he was he coincidentally in the process of creating a joint venture with Welly and Chris which will incorporate their combined expertise. Welly contributed through his branding and graphic design company, Katapel, while Chris would offer his aid through his architecture firm: Chrystalline. Supported by their years of experience in their respective expertise, they poured their thoughts and threw their creative ideas into this coffeeshop business, which would satisfy their craving for a good place to hang out, a workspace and meeting spots. The last piece of the puzzle was added to perfect the partnership, when Nicky stepped in and supported the dynamics of the business with his Mata Elang company.

The name was an important part of the business, as the idea was to come up with something intriguing, that not only peaks interest, but also to showcase the concept behind the ideas of the founders. Although Bermuda wasn’t the initial choice, there was something about it, that suited the café: Hidden, exotic-sounding and has the vibe of a “different world”. The name itself is very flexible, as it isn’t anchored to just one language, instead stands plausible in both English and Indonesian. The V was an idea that was added later on, as a twist to add novelty to the name, as well as a supporting aspect for the triangular logo.

With its iconic triangle, that ties itself with the name, it represents the three aspects that the founders wanted to showcase, with each angle representing different meanings: See, think and feel. These three, seemingly, simple words sum up how we live as social creatures. We see things we encounter on a daily basis, which we perceive in our minds and eventually give feelings to; combine these three make up the word “experience”. This is exactly how they want to be known; a place of encounter, experience and unforgettable feelings. The designs and philosophy of the café are made in a way, so that it would satisfy and quench the thirst of our senses.

As for the menu, the founders were aware of the growing number of coffeeshops out there. So, they tried, and succeeded in setting themselves apart from the mainstream menus we generally see, by combining the good coffee with something perfect: waffles. The combination of the exotic coffee and creatively made waffles has brought them to a level other coffeeshops are yet to achieve. It satisfied them, seeing the visitors asking for more as they fell in love with the pairing.

The founders of this venture have a few things to say for the young entrepreneurs out there as a closing statement. One, pursue your passion and two, keep learning. Learn from others and learn to be the best you could be. Take the lesson from mistakes and not the burden of regret. And finally, three, do #1 and #2 with those who bring the best in you; believe in the strength of unity. Go out there into the world knowing, that doing it together could might well be the trick to success.