Heading over to another division, we are taking a closer look into the Kane Studios: One of the Executives of this division is none other than Hendia Hansen, who takes care of Social-Media management, producing and editing photography for our media partners and clients. Aided by his executive partner, who we will interview next week and a team of interns, they have established Kanekin as one of the most creative agencies around.
Known to be an outgoing extrovert, Hendia is an immovable rock in the company; someone who will not budge, no matter the pressure. Behind his jokes and liveliness, he watches over everyone in the company with care and compassion, always knowing what to do and how to make the company more united.
Aside from all that, Hendia is also known as a talented photographer, always seen with his camera in his hands, ready to capture some moments and bottle it in one still picture. Hendia has eyes capable of seeing a difference between the perpetually moving images of reality and the potentially beautiful ones through the shutter; allowing him to capture a piece of time and making it magical.
Photography becomes deep in his hands and reality becomes better than as it seems, through his eyes.