I almost missed out on the beauty of the ocean when we were cruising through it on a speedboat, from the mainland to a small island, 10 miles away. The wind was strong as the waves were wild, as if the sea was raging, unwelcoming as ever. The view wasn’t as good as I had expected it to be, we were squeezed between two massive rocks, rendering us with no good sights to see. I closed my eyes and my senses came to life. It didn’t matter that we didn’t see anything, suddenly my ears focused on the sound of the waves, being broken by the bow of the boat. My nose started loving the smell of the sea, my skin was cooled by the splashing blue water as I was rocked to-and-fro. My mind was at peace as it cleared itself of any unnecessary thoughts. As if they were blown away by the mid-ocean wind.

I didn’t know how long the storm was going to last, and honestly, I didn’t care. I could stay there for all my life, because the further I cruised, the more the bow hits against the current, the safer I feel; away from all the problems I have ever had. When all seemed hostile, I felt accepted.

In the midst of the raging sea, I felt embraced by her. On the wild wild surface of the ocean, I found my sanctuary. Because beneath the waves and what seemed to be rejection, I somehow sensed a gentle love that was misinterpreted.

She, the ocean, loves. In her very own way.