Hokkaido Baby started off as a collaboration between Crystal Angsari, the founder and her friend who lives in Japan; where Crystal managed to study culinary arts and pastry. During her time in Japan, she realized the abundance of resources Indonesia has to offer and all the potentials they provide. With that being said, the idea of combining advanced food technology from Japan and the endless varieties of resources here in Indonesia just came naturally; Hokkaido Baby is the fruit of n integration between Japan’s modern food industry and Indonesia’s abundant natural resources.

With a great idea, materials and the passion to achieve a bigger goal in making their contribution to improve the “food and beverages” (FnB) business in Indonesia, Crystal and her friend, who also happened to own a bakery in Japan, perfected their recipe for the, now well-known, freshly baked cheese tart. This collaboration allowed Crystal to acquire a supply of cheese and dairy products directly from Hokkaido; which eventually lead to her success today.

The philosophy behind the name lies on two facts: The cheese and the dairy products they use are all supplied from Hokkaido, hence the name. “Baby” is used as the second part of the name because they always bring joy to those who receive them; just like that, they wanted their tarts to do the same. The main idea of Hokkaido Baby is the warmth and freshly-baked-out-of-the-oven taste like no other. They have designed all their shops in such a way, that the customers can enjoy the delicious treats and baked goods at the perfect state and temperature. The brand’s philosophy itself is to support young people who harbor the ambition to make a difference; in this business, in this industry and in this country. We often collaborate with young artists to design seasonal items to open their doors to embrace their ambitions.

When asked why Hokkaido Baby is a brand that stands out, Crystal mentions their striving to create a relaxing and enjoyable experience for each and every one of the customers; not just by providing them with delightful products, but also through designs of their shops, events and services. As a startup company, they have the upper hand in shifting their strategies and the creation of more products a lot faster than other competitors. Adaptation is essential in the FnB business, so they have made sure to keep their presence strong in the digital world, by diverting their attention to digital based marketing and campaigns.

The taste that they indulge customers in is also influential in making this brand stand out in Jakarta. By providing premium tastes and quality at an affordable price, the flavor and the customer’s spirits are the most important things that they always keep in mind; and satisfying these are the ultimate goal for this company.


Lastly, the founders of the company has something to say for all the young entrepreneurs out there who are about to or have just begun to start their own companies and ventures: “There will never be a time when you’ll be a hundred percent ready to start something; because you’ll learn and experience the most during the process. Don’t be afraid, be confident, make mistakes and always challenge yourself.”

Find out more: @hokkaidobaby