Also aiding Anita and Hendia and also an intern, together with Billy, is Davy, a student from Petra University all the way at Surabaya. One of the most talented photographers around, Davy offers the division another angle for product photography through his abilities with the cameras and his proficiency with the Lightroom.

A silent extrovert who seems mature, Davy is a born leader who never complains about any of the hurdles thrown at him. Whatever you give him, he is surely to finish them; with confidence, perfectly and in time. All of his positive aspects have failed in getting in the way of his sense of humor, as it is seemingly always lurking around the corners, ready to make anyone laugh when he joins in the conversation.

Spending most of the time in the studio producing product photos for the clients, Davy is rarely around the office; but if he is, he is sure to share some interesting and hilarious stories that will crack you up. All the way from Surabaya with his buddy Kevin, who we will interview next week, Davy has polished his independence and hones his skills through being an intern here.

It is unthinkable as to what it would be like around the studios, without the tall figure of Davy around once his internship program ends; until then, we are surely to cherish every second and moment created with him.

The combination of his professionalism and wits makes him a very good company to have around.