You are

The definition of love in my dictionary,

The happiness that I hold onto dearly,

A smile that’s forever pictured in my head.


No, I don’t want to empty my mind,

Erasing those days and nights

Spent in warmth and comfort with you.

Yes, I can’t help it, your touch seems to linger on me.


I have loved you beyond skin deep,

I still feel it now with every aching heart beat,

The thought of you makes me shiver,

For you’re no longer part of my forever.


And in another life,

In a different world,

Maybe we’d be that perfect two,

Where I would not live in a world of wishful thinking.


And maybe right now I just have to face the truth,

That you are

The definition of memories in my dictionary,

The happiness that I must let go of,


And a smile that’s forever treasured in my soul.