When I was a kid, my teacher asked me: “When do you feel that you have enough?”

At that time, I answered plainly “When I have my own Ferrari!”

As I grew, that childish answer of mine has become somewhat stale and dumb. As I grew up, I’ve seen so many things that changed my mind. I’ve seen people without shoes walking around while others spend millions on new ones each week. I’ve seen crows waiting for an African child to die before preying on their cold dead bodies; yet on the other half of the world, we see millions of overweight / obese people.

This inequality we are facing has to be solved. Did you know? If you distribute all the money and asset of this world’s 1% richest people, the whole world would have enough food for 5 whole years. It would end poverty and hunger in third world countries. We don’t realize this, but knowing that we have enough is such an important thing. We have to know when to stop being selfish and when to start being selfless.

These things have opened my eyes. The world requires us to give. Are we going to just refuse? If you ask me now, “When will you have enough?”, I will answer you with certainty; we have enough when we’re able to give.

And trust me folks, we can always give.